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So how does your psilocybin journey  
play out?

After our initial conversation and a screening process, follows your preparation time.

At the day of the session, I will come to a location of your choice - a place that

brings you a sense of comfort and instinctual safety.

In your safe space

 After arriving, I will slowly start preparing the space using purifying smokes and crystals to create a cozy atmosphere.

We will find a spot for you where most of the experience will take place (most like a couch, or somewhere equally comfy).   


Preparing the medicine

I will have prepared the truffles beforehand and once I am at yours, I will warm up some water and prepare them in a warm drink. That way is easier for your body to digest the truffles and get the psilocybin start working soon.

After a short meditation and opening the sacred space, you will slowly begin to drink the medicine while sharing your intentions for the ceremony.

The Journey itself

The truffles will begin to take effect about 20-60 minutes after consumption. You will most likely experience a growing level of visually-beautiful synesthesia. Once you are ready, I will invite you to lay in your comfortable space with your eyes covered, and journey inwards.

I will then sit back and begin to hold space for you while the music will be guiding you.

From here, the truffle does its magic, and I do mine. It is up to me to ensure you are feeling safe, and not to intrude in your experience. I might use some tools and techniques that help guide you in moments when you need extra support.


Recover, Relax, Reflect

After about 4 hours, you'll start coming down from the journey. This will be smooth and gradual. There will be enough time share how you feel or simply sit in silence, while landing. Once I make sure that you are safe on your own I will leave, and you are free to spend the evening however you like. You will be hungry, and you will have a lot to process, so it is my recommendation not to plan anything for that evening. Perhaps journal, perhaps just relax, perhaps just eat. It is up to you.

The next phase in your process is your integration.

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