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Hi, I'm Polina.

My journey as a psychedelic facilitator started in 2016 as a natural continuation of my personal path. I received an invitation from a friend to participate in a plant medicine ceremony, an event that turned out to be the most profound and life-altering experience I've ever had. It marked a pivotal moment in my life, guiding me toward a completely new path - one of deep inner exploration and transformation.

As a certified Tantra Teacher, I use different practices that complement the healing process. Implementing modalities such as breathwork, energy work, somatic experiencing techniques and emotional release, helps facilitating the deep transformative aspects of the psilocybin journey.


The Psychedelic Practitioner Training program from Synthesis together with sitting in plant medicine ceremonies with many experienced and well seasoned teachers have given me the opportunity to enrich my expertise and I keep devoting my time and energy for deepening my connection to the magic truffles.  

All the years of experience have provided me with valuable insights into the crucial significance of having the proper support and care during our personal journeys towards wholeness. Considering the humbling, profound, introspective nature of guided psilocybin experiences, I mostly focus on facilitating sessions for individuals or small groups of 2-3 people.


My intention is to create an environment where you feel safe, acknowledged, heard and truly understood, recognising these as essential elements in the healing process. 

I hold deep gratitude for every chance I've had to guide individuals through the remarkable and transformative journeys that magic truffles can offer.


I believe in the inherent potential within each one of us to live lives enriched by freedom, happiness and a profound love for existence. I trust that healing ourselves is essential to inviting and embodying that potential.


Welcome to your journey back home!


“Polina was perfect in her role as guide. I felt comfortable and safe, and was able to journey inwards/outwards feeling supported. It's a life-changing experience that Polina treats with respect and a deep understanding. I'm very glad I did it this way.”


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