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The Journey Continues...

Being able to integrate the insights of our psychedelic experience is essential to the healing process. 

In the days and weeks following the plant medicine ceremony we have the opportunity to bring the clarity of mind and openness of heart into practice - how we live our everyday lives is what impacts our wellbeing the most.

Scientists refer to this temporary state as the window of increased neuroplasticity that typically lasts for a couple of weeks. During this time, the brain is more adaptable and receptive to new information and behavioral changes. This heightened neuroplasticity offers a unique opportunity for individuals to integrate insights gained during the psychedelic experience into their daily lives. By engaging in thoughtful reflection, therapy, and mindfulness practices during this period, we can harness this increased plasticity to solidify and incorporate transformative experiences, ultimately promoting personal growth and well-being.

Some tips on how to stay connected to the energy of the ceremony afterwards: talk about your experience with people who are open to listen, support and understand you; meditate; journal; spend some time in nature reflecting on your newfound sense of being; discover new ways to connect with and express your creativity. 

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